About Us

Wild Stems is a crazy little design studio for all your BIG flower dreams! We do EVENTS, and that's it folks. We pride ourselves on constantly pushing for new creative ideas, while diligently striving to understand and fulfill the desires of each unique client. Combine that with our passion for hunting down the wildest, most spectacular flowers... and foliage, and fruit, and branches, and pods, and moss, and stones, and... well... let's just say we are true lovers of the natural world, and our designs tend to reflect that!

A little more about us...

Husband and wife Vale and Amy Bruck man the helm of Wild Stems. Amy is the designer and snake charmer, who has an endless capacity to push the boundaries of what is possible in every space. She also harbors a near ravenous obsession for flowers and plants. It is through her tireless relationship building with local farms and nurseries that Wild Stems is able to get its hands on the gasp-inducing bounty of beauty that ends up in your centerpiece... or draped through the rafters of your event space.

Vale is the stalwart "man behind the woman" who makes Amy's crazy ideas happen. After fifteen years as a large scale art installationist, working on and directing major projects all over the world, he has yet to be stumped by Amy... there is not one crazy idea from her that he has not been able to make a reality! From his sprawling workshop in Lancaster county, anything is possible...

Then there's The Team. The Team is an ever evolving group of designers, artists, welders, farmers, misfits, devotees, and sidekicks who pile into the caravan and enthusiastically build these dreamscapes alongside Amy and Vale. One day we'll find the time to devote a whole page to telling you about them all, because boy do they deserve it!